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About us

     American Contex Corporation was founded in 1965 by Wolfgang and Heide Herz. During these 43 years American Contex has earned an excellent reputation as a leading supplier to the woodworking industry of special application motors and products. By introducing the German-made ACC-HIMMMEL Saw Arbor motors to the North American market in 1965, American Contex showed the industry its dedication to supplying superior quality precision products, manufactured to exacting standards required by the industry, at very competitive prices. ACC continued this business philosophy by adding custom-made cutter spindle motors, gear motors, frequency converters and frequency inverters.

     As a supplier to woodworking machinery manufacturers, Fortune 500 companies and custom shops, ACC is willing to work closely with customers to determine the correct product for a given application.

     In addition, American Contex continues to satisfy all requirements of the car shredder industry including drive shafts.

     Over the years, ACC has strived to demonstrate its complete dedication to its customer by providing customer service, quality products and competitive prices. ACC aims to continue this well-established tradition.

American Contex Corporation

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